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Kids Polycotton Beekeeping Standard Protective Suit

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Kids PolyCotton Standard Suit 

Kids Polycotton heavy duty full beekeeper suit made from a durable professional grade thick polycotton material. It's a breathable and comfortable suit, provides good protection against bees. 

  • Kids Polycotton beekeeper suit comes with long sleeves, elastic around the waist, cuffs and ankles, self-supporting hooped style fencing veil head piece containing mesh wires that support and maintain its shape with great visibility
  • Fencing veil can be either removed or simply flipped back, veil of the head piece is made of polycotton and screen material to keep you cool
  • Top end of the zipper is covered with a flap to stop the bee’s entry into your suit, zip on ankles, easy to put on and take off, plenty of pockets for easy storage of tools
  • Great quality suit, professional grade thick poly cotton fabric will last for years
  • Unisex design for men and women.
  • Suit is machine washable, the detachable hood is washable by hand.

How to Choose the Right Size:

  • Measure your height, nape to crotch and waistline and check the size chart below.
  • Please allow/add extra 10 centimeters at least for internal clothing and your comfort ability during your work.
  • As a general rule of thumb, just choose two sizes up than your regular clothing size. e.g. if your suit size is small, please choose large size. This will allow enough room for internal clothing and will be comfortable when sitting or bending.

      Small Size 

      • Nape to Crotch: 64cm / 25 inches
      • Nape to Ankle Hem: 127cm / 50inches
      • Chest circumference: 100cm / 39.25 inches
      • Waist circumference: 104cm / 39.25  inches
      • Nape to Arm Cuff: 62cm / 24.25 inches

      Medium Size 

      • Nape to Crotch: 65cm / 25.50 inches
      • Nape to Ankle Hem: 130cm / 51.70inches
      • Chest circumference: 104cm / 41 inches
      • Waist circumference: 104cm / 41  inches
      • Nape to Arm Cuff: 104cm / 25 inches

      Large Size 127 cm.

      • Nape to Crotch: 61cm / 24 inches
      • Nape to Ankle Hem: 127cm / 50 inches
      • Chest circumference: 100cm / 39 inches
      • Waist circumference: 84cm-100cm / 33 - 39 inches
      • Nape to Arm Cuff: 70cm / 27.50 inches

      XL Size 132 cm.

      • Nape to Crotch: 63cm / 24.50 inches
      • Nape to Ankle Hem: 132cm / 51 inches
      • Chest circumference: 106cm /  41.50 inches
      • Waist circumference: 96cm-106cm / 37-41 inches
      • Nape to Arm Cuff: 75cm / 29.50 inches
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        Beekeeping Full Suit Size Chart

        Please note the measurements are averages in centimeters and may vary slightly from unit to unit.

        Size Torso Length (Nape to Crotch) (N) Body Length (Nape to Ankle hem) (L) Waistband circumfer.
        Expandable range (W)
        Sleeve Length (Nape to Cuff) (A) Chest Circumfer. (C)
        S 89cm 166cm 97cm - 118cm  89cm 118cm
        M 92cm 169cm 102cm - 121cm 92cm 121cm
        L 95cm 172cm 106cm - 124cm 95cm 124cm
        XL 97cm 176cm 114cm - 128cm 98cm 128cm
        2XL 99cm 179cm 117cm - 132cm 101cm 132cm
        3XL 101cm 182cm 127cm - 136cm 104cm 136cm
        4XL 104cm 185cm 130cm - 139cm 107cm 139cm
        5XL 107cm 188cm 133cm - 142cm 110cm 142cm
        6XL 110cm 191cm 136cm - 145cm 113cm 145cm
        7XL 113cm 194cm 139cm - 148cm 116cm 148cm

        Beekeeping Suit Size Chart

        Beekeeping Jackets Size Chart

        Size Height Chest Waist Arm
        S 98cm 118cm 118cm 58cm
        M 100cm 122cm 122 58cm
        L 103cm 129cm 129 59cm
        XL 104cm 136cm 136 62cm
        Beekeeping Gloves Size Chart
        Size Hand Length(L) Hand Width(C)
        S 18.5cm 22.0cm
        M 19.5cm 23.0cm
        L 20.5cm 23.0cm
        XL 21.5cm 23.5cm
        2XL 22.0cm 25.0cm
        3XL 22.5cm 25.5cm
        4XL 24.0cm 25.5cm
        Gloves Size